Website Design & Maintenance Services

Website Design Services

We provide custom WordPress web design with secure coding, attention to search engine optimization, mobile-friendly sites, modern web standards, persistent hosting, excellent customer service, custom scripting, database programming, and more. Whether you need a landing page, multi-page site, or an e-commerce store, the core of our websites are secure, modern, clean, and attractive. We create websites that reflect your company through careful attention to design and color schemes for your brand to develop an online presence that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Web Hosting Services

We will host your website as part of our monthly website management service. Hosting is what makes your website live on the Internet and is absolutely necessary. Part of this service is making sure your website stays live. The websites we host have an average of 99.99% uptime– yes, we monitor this. Our websites even remain live during times of extreme traffic. We take care of both your website’s hosting, domain name, and we track the website’s traffic, so you know who your visitors are and how much traffic your website gets.

Other Web Services We Offer

Website Management

All of our websites are managed with analytics tracking, Google SEO monitoring, uptime monitoring, website performance, stability testing, and WordPress updates.


Website Content Updates

Includes all updates to the site minus major page additions and full website redesigns. Most of the update requests are fulfilled same day due to our excellent customer service. Updates are unlimited (not just 3 per year, etc).

Search Engine Optimization

We connect your website to Google Webmaster Tools and monitor it for SEO improvements and issues. This is a tool provided by Google itself for webmasters. It provides insights on the pages they’ve crawled on your website and tips on improving your ranking.

Website Security

Geo-redundancy. Daily site backup. Lock down site to prevent hackers. Remove all website viruses and hacks. Monitor for security updates and patches. For eCommerce sites, maintain active SSL certificate to secure the checkout process.

Domain SSL Setup

SSL certificates secure the traffic to and from your website. Nowadays, SSL has become common, not just for eCommerce, but all websites. The benefits are: security, search engine ranking and trust. Plus, popular web browsers will list your website as NOT SECURE if you don’t have an SSL.

Email Setup

Adding a business email address linked from your website makes your company appear more professional. We provide hosting for this new email address and support when you have issues. We also help set it up on all your devices.

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